Chair of the Master Committee:  Prof. Gil Atzmon

Course work & academic requirements:

1. Mandatory core courses & seminars: 23 semester hours; including the presentation of a seminar paper.

2. The completion of a research project and submission of a Master’s thesis (M.Sc.).

3. Additional courses and seminars: 10 semester hours. These will be chosen in consultation with the thesis advisor. At least one graduate level seminar is required.

4. Participation in the departmental seminar .

5. Participation in a laboratory safety instruction during the 1st semester of studies.

6.  Participation in the “use and care of laboratory animals in research” course (if animal work is planned for the thesis research).

In general, the program should be completed in two years (including the summer breaks). The first year of studies should be devoted to the completion of the mandatory core courses & seminars and the planning and preliminary studies of the thesis research project. The second year of studies should be devoted mainly to actual research work under the supervision of the thesis advisor. An additional semester or at the most two semesters may be requested (subject to the approval of the department’s M.Sc. committee) for the completion of the thesis.

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